About Us


About GreenApple

For businesses its transparency - in transactions, ethics, policy PLUS constant involvement and respect. A company which creates value for everyone dealing with it - suppliers, service providers, buyers, channel partners, vendors and business associates.

For stakeholders its value – not in terms of money but as a individual who initiated the mission, which may turn into revolution. Money is surely to come in, but as a byproduct.

For employees it's a part of being the core – the heart, without which Green Apple Lifesciences Ltd would have not existed. They are at a place where they are nurtured to grow, rewarded to stay and thanked to be a part of our long journey to the peak – the vertex.

Our Mission

To REDEFINE life of every individual it touches - be it customers, partners, investors, vendors or green apple core – the centeral team through innovative means of product presentation, reserch & work systems.

Our Vision

To be a most respected & professionally managed Lifesciences company with enviable brand portfolio.